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Tinnitus Patient Stories

When did you notice a difference in your tinnitus?

“About a month after I started using the device every day, I woke up one morning and thought 'there's something wrong'...and it was gone.”

  • NamePatricia
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

How has tinnitus affected you?

“I wouldn’t go to parties or things like that in pubs and nightclubs…that had loud exposure or loud music….I just couldn’t do it.”

  • NameNoel
  • Age42
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

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Your treatment with Lenire begins with a tinnitus assessment by a qualified healthcare professional. Our partners are trained to design a Lenire treatment plan specifically for your tinnitus. Find a Lenire partner clinic to take the first step towards managing your tinnitus.

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