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Soothe Your Tinnitus

Lenire is a tinnitus treatment device that has been clinically proven to improve quality of life for people with tinnitus.

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Proven Tinnitus Treatment

Lenire is proven to provide relief from tinnitus in clinical trials. 95% of recent trial participants had a reduction in tinnitus severity1.

Take Home Tinnitus Treatment

Lenire uses sound and tongue stimulation to treat tinnitus. Lenire’s relaxing therapy sessions fit into your lifestyle and offer long term relief from tinnitus.

Guided Tinnitus Treatment

Your treatment plan is customised and guided by a healthcare professional.

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How Lenire Works

Tinnitus Assessment from a Qualified Clinician

Fill in the form and a Lenire Provider near you will contact you directly to discuss your appointment.

Work with your Provider

Lenire treatment starts with your provider setting the device to your tinnitus profile, creating a custom treatment timeline and scheduling crucial check-ins.

Use Lenire at Home

Use Lenire for two calming 30-minute sessions a day for a timeline advised by your provider. When your initial treatment ends, you will get advice about continued use.


Erlandas | Patient

Back when the tinnitus was really bad, I started questioning my music industry job, and I stopped going to gigs, but now I’m able to book tickets again.

If anyone in the music industry is suffering from tinnitus I would definitely recommend the Lenire treatment as it is something that helped me a lot.

Orla | Patient

I no longer worry about this tinnitus distressing me when I’m with friends….now I’ve full control of it.

Sometimes I just have this feeling in my head, this is a Lenire moment, I use it and then get the relief or comfort from it.

I definitely recommend it, it changed my life.

Damian | Patient

I’m back to a situation where my tinnitus is much less prominent, much less distracting. I can now go back to doing things that I wasn’t able to do over the past few years – writing and recording music.

Quick Glance at the Science of Lenire

Lenire Uses Bimodal Neuromodulation to Soothe Tinnitus

What is Bimodal Neuromodulation?

Lenire combines custom audio with mild tongue pulses to stimulate two points of the nervous system at once. This is called bimodal neuromodulation.

How Does This Help?

Bimodal neuromodulation leverages the brain’s adaptability by activating and compounding awareness of non-tinnitus cells for long-term relief.

Bimodal vs Audio-Only

Large clinical trials have shown that bimodal neuromodulation is up to three times more effective than audio-only treatment.

the lenire device package

What’s Included with Lenire?

 The Lenire treatment plan includes: 

  • Hearing and tinnitus assessment. 
  • Personalised Lenire setup. 
  • A treatment timeline tailored to you. 
  • Follow-up patient progress assessments. 
  • Advice for ongoing use.

1 Conlon B, Hamilton C, Meade E, et al. Different bimodal neuromodulation settings reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized trial. Sci Rep. 2022;12(10845).