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About Neuromod Devices

Neuromod Devices is the global medtech company behind tinnitus treatment device, Lenire.

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About Neuromod Devices

About Neuromod Devices

Founded in 2010, Neuromod Devices is a global medical technology business with 136 worldwide patents. Neuromod has offices in Ireland, Germany and the US. Neuromod’s tinnitus technology, Lenire, is the first tinnitus treatment device of its kind approved by the US FDA following a third large-scale clinical trial.

Neuromod Device’s Mission

Neuromod’s mission is to research and develop innovative technologies to address the clinical needs of underserved patient populations living with complex and debilitating neurological conditions. We achieve this through commitment to evidence based solutions, industry collaboration and community engagement.

Neuromod Devices History

Stimulating Possibilities for Over a Decade

2010: Neuromod Devices Founded

Neuromod Devices was founded by Dr Ross O’Neill in 2010 to develop innovative neuromodulation technologies.

2012: Safety & Feasibility Study

Following early stage investment, Neuromod launches first safety and feasibility study for new bimodal neuromodulation technology.

2014: Lenire Awarded CE-Mark

Neuromod’s tinnitus treatment technology meets the safety and effectiveness standards for distribution in Europe.

2015: Series A Funding Secured

Neuromod secures Series A funding to further expand and embark on large scale clinical trials for tinnitus treatment device, Lenire.

2016 – 2018: TENT-A1/A2 Trials

Neuromod conducts two large scale clinical trials involving 500+ patients to explore the safety and effectiveness of Lenire. 2, 3

2020: 1st Trial Results Published

Published in Science Translational Medicine, Lenire is proven safe and effective in trial that included 326 trial patients. 2

2021: Neuromod US Launched

Following Series B funding, Neuromod USA Inc. is founded. Eric Timm joins Neuromod USA as the US Chief Executive Officer.

2022: European Expansion

Lenire expands into seven countries including Denmark, Norway, Hungary and Spain and the UK as European demand grows.

2022: 2nd Trial Results Published

Published in Nature – Scientific Reports, Lenire showed stronger tinnitus relief results in a trial that included 191 patients. 2

2023: FDA Approval Awarded

Following a 3rd large clinical trial, Lenire becomes the only device of its kind to be awarded a De Novo FDA Grant. 3

Founding Neuromod Devices

Dr. Ross O’Neill became interested in tinnitus during his Biomedical Engineering PhD. Speaking with those who were profoundly effected by tinnitus piqued his interest.

Dr. O’Neill became alarmed at the limited treatment options available for a condition that affects 10 – 15% of the global population. Tinnitus patients were trapped on a referral carousel from family doctor to ENT to audiologist and back again. Change was needed.

Dr. O’Neill’s PhD investigated auditory and somatic system interaction. The aim was to discover how neuromodulation could treat tinnitus. After his PhD, Dr. O’Neill formed Neuromod Devices to develop Lenire.

Founder and CEO of Neuromod Devices, Dr. Ross O’Neill

What is Lenire?

Lenire is the first and only bimodal neuromodulation (dual mode) tinnitus treatment technology awarded a De Novo Grant by the US FDA. Extensive clinical trial results show Lenire to be safe and effective at treating tinnitus.^

What is Lenire?

Neuromod Devices Leadership Team

Neuromod Device’s management includes neuroscientists, ENTs, audiologists, clinicians, regulatory experts, product designers and more. We share a commitment towards achieving breakthroughs for underserved patients. Together, we bridge the gap between research, industry and clinical practice to offer patients a better quality of life.

Dr. Ross O’Neill PhD MBA
Founder & CEO

Mr. Brendan Conlon PhD
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hubert Lim PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Florian Elsaesser
Chief Finance Officer

Diarmuid Flavin
Chief Operating Officer

Derek Madden CPA CTax
Vice President, Finance and Corporate Governance

Caroline Hamilton BSc (Aud), MSc (Neuro)
Clinical Director

Eric Timm
President, Global Commercial Operations & Chief Executive Officer, Neuromod USA

Dr. Tish Ramirez
Chief Commercial Officer, Neuromod USA

Stephanie Glowacki
Chief Financial Officer, Neuromod USA

Neuromod Scientific Advisory Board

Neuromod works with opinion-leading scientists to conduct large-scale trials at internationally recognised clinical sites to build the evidence behind Lenire.

Prof. Berthold Langguth
University of Regensburg

Prof. Berthold Langguth is a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist who runs the Department of Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine at Germany’s University of Regensburg Hospital (UHREG). UHREG is the leading European site for clinical trials and tinnitus research.

Prof. Langguth is an international key opinion leader in the field of tinnitus research and has published 300 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. A key focus area of research is patient subtyping and neuromodulation.

Prof. Langguth is the founder of the Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI). TRI is a non-profit organisation that brings together tinnitus scientists from across the globe. TRI supports development of effective treatments for all types of tinnitus.

Prof. Sven Vanneste
Trinity College Dublin / University of Texas

Sven Vanneste is Associate Professor of Auditory and Integrative Neurosciences at the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, USA.

A leading voice in the field of neuromodulation research, with over 160 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, Prof. Vanneste has established a neuromodulation research laboratory in the United States that has become a leading neuromodulation research centre globally.

Prof. Vanneste has collaborated on invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation trials for the US Department of Defence (US-DoD), the US National Institutes for Health (NIH) and the US FDA for neuromodulation start-ups and large medical device multinationals.

Prof. Deborah Hall
University of Nottingham

Deborah Hall is a Professor of Hearing Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, UK. Prof. Hall is also the Director of the NHS National Institute for Health Research – Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit (NIHR-NHBRU). At NIHR-NHBRU, Prof. Hall leads research projects on tinnitus and translational neuroscience.

Professor Hall is highly respected in clinical trial methodologies and evidence-based medicine fields. Prof. Hall has over 100 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. She earned an award from British Society of Audiology Thomas Simm Littler Prize in 2010 for her services to audiology. She is also the Editor of ‘Hearing Research’, one of the highest impact factor journals in the world of auditory research.

Find a Clinic Near You

Lenire has expert Partner Clinics across America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Use the Lenire Clinic Map to start your treatment with Lenire.

Lenire Clinic Map

1. TENT-A1 Conlon et al., Sci. Transl. Med. 12, eabb2830 (2020)
2. TENT-A2: Conlon et al., Different bimodal neuromodulation settings reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized trial, Sci Rep.
3. TENT-A3: Clinical trial data in preparation for independent publication:
4. Aggregate: TENT-A1, TENT-A2, TENT-A3 aggregate clinical trial results.
Note 1: All statistics based on compliant patients. Patient compliance criteria is detailed in Lenire’s clinical trial design.
Note 2: TENT-A1/TENT-A2 were not considered by the United States of America FDA as part of Lenire’s FDA Grant and, as such, applies solely to outside the US.