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Tinnitus Patient Stories

Following our clinical trials we interviewed participants about their experiences with tinnitus. Below is a collection of their stories about using Lenire.

“I can now go back to doing the things I wasn't able to do over the past few years... Writing and recording music”

  • NameDamian
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusResult of ear infection
  • Duration using LenireStill uses it today

“It was like a kettle boiling in my head... constantly”

  • NameKaren
  • Perceived cause of tinnitus
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

“Sometimes i just put on the device - this is a Lenire moment. I'll use it and get comfort from it”

  • NameÓrla
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusSide effect of transient global amnesia
  • Duration using LenireStill uses it today

“I thought, this was it. This is how I was going to live for the rest of my life with this tinnitus.”

  • NameErlandas
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusLoud music environment
  • Duration using Lenire

How has your tinnitus changed after you completed the treatment?

“I don't get as distracted by the tones and the sound. To me they are suppressed.”

  • NameRonnie
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusPlaying in a band
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

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Your treatment with Lenire begins with a tinnitus assessment by a qualified healthcare professional. Our partners are trained to design a Lenire treatment plan specifically for your tinnitus. Find a Lenire partner clinic to take the first step towards managing your tinnitus.

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