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Tinnitus Patient Stories

Tinnitus manifests differently in each individual patient. Due to the subjective nature of tinnitus, each patient’s treatment journey is different. Below are the stories of some of our patients and here you can learn how each person’s tinnitus manifested and how Lenire helped to soothe the ringing in their ears.

“I can now go back to doing the things I wasn't able to do over the past few years... Writing and recording music.”

  • NameDamian
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusResult of ear infection
  • Duration using LenireStill uses it today

“It was like a kettle boiling in my head constantly... Now I'm dancing to Boney M around the living room! ”

  • NameKaren
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusResult of ear infection
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

“Sometimes I just put on the device - this is a Lenire moment. I'll use it and get comfort from it.”

  • NameÓrla
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusSide effect of transient global amnesia
  • Duration using LenireStill uses it today

“I thought, this was it. This is how I was going to live for the rest of my life with this tinnitus.”

  • NameErlandas
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusLoud music environment
  • Duration using Lenire Still uses it today

How has your tinnitus changed after you completed the treatment?

“I don't get as distracted by the tones and the sound. To me they are suppressed.”

  • NameRonnie
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusPlaying in a band
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

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Your treatment with Lenire begins with a tinnitus assessment by a qualified healthcare professional. Our partners are trained to design a Lenire treatment plan specifically for your tinnitus. Find a Lenire partner clinic to take the first step towards managing your tinnitus.

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