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Lenire Product Support

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On this page you will find links to download a range of User Manuals and Guides, as well as directions to our FAQ section that may help you troubleshoot issues you encounter while using Lenire.

If a particular problem cannot be rectified, we recommend you get in touch with the prescribing healthcare professional who can liaise with Lenire’s manufacturers to resolve any problems.

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Technical Support Contact Details

Please get in touch with your prescribing clinician

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User manuals & guides

This manual is supplied with the Lenire device to provide you with information on the product, treatment regime and instructions for its safe and effective use. In addition, it includes important safety information and instructions which you should read and understand before use.

United States User Manuals & Guides

Lenire, Tonguetip, and headphone user manuals and guides for patients using Lenire in the United States.

European User Manuals & Guides

Lenire and headphone user manuals and guides for patients using Lenire in Europe.

Technical FAQs

  • How long are Lenire sessions?

    Lenire should be used for two soothing 30-minute sessions per day using Lenire. Lenire sessions can be at different times of the day (morning and evening, for example) or back to back.

    The total treatment timeline for Lenire is prescribed by a Lenire Qualified Healthcare Professional.

  • Can a patient share their Lenire device with someone else who has tinnitus?

    No. As the device is configured specifically for each patient, based on their audiological profile, we do not recommend sharing the device with another person.

  • What can I do while using Lenire?

    It is recommended that each session is completed in an environment that is both quiet and conducive with relaxation. The patient should be sitting comfortably while using Lenire. Focusing attention away from distractions such as the TV may improve the effectiveness of the treatment. If the patient is struggling to relax for the 30 minute duration, they can read.

  • Can I lie down while using Lenire?

    There is no issue with using Lenire while lying down, as long as there is no chance of falling asleep. Falling asleep during a treatment session is not advised.

  • What time of day is the best time to use Lenire, in terms of results?

    Where possible, the patient should try to keep a routine for the treatment sessions, where Lenire is used in or around the same time (or times) each day. Using Lenire in the morning and the evening is a popular routine, but consistency is more important than the specific time of day.

  • Can Lenire be used with speakers instead of headphones?

    Lenire has been designed for use with the headphones provided with the device at the time of sale. The device will not stream to other Bluetooth audio devices, such as speakers. The treatment has been shown to be effective through the use of headphones. Other audio devices have yet to be tested.

  • Can the audio for the Lenire device be changed?

    The audio is configured by the clinician based on your hearing characteristics. Depending on your progress with the treatment, your clinician may offer to change the stimulus at follow-up clinic visits, which in some cases may require the audio to be changed.

  • What if the audio is too loud or too soft?

    In your treatment consultation with your healthcare professional, the device will be set to the optimum level according to your hearing thresholds. You can increase or decrease the volume by using the volume control buttons on the device. If you are sensitive to sound you should inform your healthcare professional.