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The Science of Lenire

Lenire is a bimodal neuromodulation device shown to reduce the symptoms and improve the experience of those living with tinnitus in large scale clinical trials.

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Facts about Lenire’s Clinical Trials


95% of compliant TENT-A2 participants demonstrated an improvement in tinnitus symptom severity when evaluated after 12 weeks of treatment


91% of compliant TENT-A2 participants experienced continued improvement in tinnitus symptom severity when evaluated at 12-months post-treatment.


Lenire has shown to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus in clinical trials involving more than 500 participants

How Lenire Soothes Tinnitus

Lenire applies bimodal neuromodulation, the pairing of mild electrical stimulation to the tongue with sound stimulation. This pairing works to retrain neurons in the brain to reduce its attention and sensitivity to the tinnitus sound.

Understand the Science Behind Lenire

What is neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation is a therapeutic treatment which can be used for a wide variety of conditions including pain and depression. It works by alternating nerve activity by delivering a stimulus (such as low levels of electric energy) which then alters or adjusts the activity within the body or the brain to improve the specific health condition. Most recently, neuromodulation has emerged as a potential and promising treatment for the management of tinnitus.

What is the advantage of bimodal neuromodulation?

Various research and clinical studies have shown that the combined stimulation of auditory (via the ear) and somatosensory nerves (via the tongue, for example), such as achieved using the non-invasive Lenire device, is more effective when it comes to inducing the positive neuroplasticity important to ease the tinnitus symptoms than stimulating one input at a time. This serves to counter the unhelpful neuroplasticity that gives rise to tinnitus in the first place.

How effective is Lenire?

To date, clinical trials involving more than 500 participants using Lenire have taken place. Our published TENT-A1 study showed that 86.2% of treatment compliant participants reported an improvement in their THI score after 12 weeks of treatment, with 80.1% reporting improvement that sustained for 12 months after treatment.

Is Lenire better suited for certain types of tinnitus?

Lenire is recommended for patients with subjective tinnitus (where the sound or ringing sensation is only audible to the person experiencing it, regardless of the type of sound they are hearing).

Published Papers

TENT-A2 Cover Page

TENT-A2 Research Paper:

Different bimodal neuromodulation settings reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized trial

Published on: 30/06/2022 Corresponding author: Hubert Lim Download.pdf (3.97 MB)

TENT-A1 Research Paper:

Bimodal neuromodulation combining sound and tongue stimulation reduces tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized clinical study (2020)

Published on: 07/10/2020 Corresponding author: Hubert Lim Download.pdf (1.68 MB)

Scientific Advisory Board

Lenire has been developed through collaboration with opinion-leading scientists and clinicians by conducting large-scale exploratory and confirmatory trials at internationally recognised clinical sites. Lenire’s bimodal neuromodulation technology for the treatment of chronic tinnitus has undergone large-scale trials across a number of European clinical sites under the guidance and supervision of our Science Advisory Board.

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Webinar: How Bimodal Neuromodulation Can Soothe Tinnitus Symptoms

In January 2021, we hosted a webinar during which company clinical and scientific experts discussed the TENT-A1 clinical trial. Hear them discuss how the trial was designed and run, how bimodal neuromodulation was shown to soothe tinnitus symptoms in many trial participants, and what these results mean for tinnitus patients.

Scientific Coverage of Lenire

Clinical Trials

Neuromod has conducted clinical trials involving more than 500 participants combined, from Ireland and Germany. The trials evaluated the effectiveness of treating tinnitus with Lenire’s bimodal neuromodulation device.

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Tinnitus Handbook: Its Causes & Potential Treatments

Read our free tinnitus handbook which contains information about the causes and characteristics of tinnitus, as well as available treatments.

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