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Webinars and Interviews

A collection of webinars, interviews, and keynotes our team has participated in about Lenire, tinnitus, and scientific research

Interview: Bimodal Neuromodulation for Tinnitus

Caroline Hamilton, Audiology Director of Neuromod Devices discussed bimodal neuromodulation and the results of the TENT-A1 and TENT-A2 clinical trials with Xtalks Life Science Podcast.

Interview: Prof. Hubert Lim speaks to the British Tinnitus Association

As part of the British Tinnitus Association’s Annual Conference, Prof. Hubert Lim gave an in-depth interview about the results of the TENT-A2 clinical trial of Lenire

Webinar: The impact of the TENT-A2 clinical trial results

In July 2022, we hosted a webinar discussing the TENT-A2 clinical trial. Dr. Ross O’Neill and Prof. Hubert Lim discuss the background to the TENT-A2 clinical trial; why a second clinical trial of Lenire® was carried out; the trial design and the different results per ARM; and what TENT-A2’s results mean for tinnitus patients and the future of Lenire.

Interview: Prof. Hubert Lim speaks to Dr. Ben Thompson of Pure Tinnitus

In this interview, Neuromod’s Chief Scientific Officer Prof. Hubert Lim speaks on all things tinnitus with Dr.Ben Thompson of Pure Tinnitus. In this conversation, both discuss current tinnitus research being undertaken, the principles of bimodal neuromodulation for treating tinnitus, Neuromod’s large-scale clinical trials and the Lenire tinnitus treatment device.

Webinar: How Bimodal Neuromodulation Can Soothe Tinnitus

In January 2021, we hosted a webinar where company clinical and scientific experts discussed the TENT-A1 clinical trial. Hear them discuss how the trial was designed and run, how bimodal neuromodulation was shown to soothe tinnitus symptoms in many trial participants and what these results mean for tinnitus patients.

Interview: Research Review with Hubert Lim and David Stockdale

Neuromod Devices’ Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Hubert Lim discusses how bimodal neuromodulation can reduce tinnitus symptom severity with the British Tinnitus Association.

Interview: Exploring Noninvasive Neuromodulation for Tinnitus Relief

Prof. Hubert Lim, Chief Scientific Officer, discusses the results and design of the TENT-A1 clinical trial with the American Tinnitus Association.

Webinar: Practical Advice for Managing Tinnitus

The audiology team from Neuromod Medical hosted an interactive webinar giving viewers some practical advice for managing their own tinnitus, as well as an overview of the treatment options available, including the Lenire device.

Interview: Tinnitus Research with Hubert Lim

Prof. Hubert Lim discusses the research behind Lenire and other tinnitus research with host Frieder Kuehne.

Webinar: From Pavlov’s dog to paired stimulation plasticity

Prof. Hubert Lim discusses Pavlovian conditioning has been long discussed as a way to train new behaviour. Using the same concept, we discuss here how such a process could be steered into opportunities for treating tinnitus with bimodal neuromodulation.

Keynote: Bimodal Neuromodulation for Tinnitus

Prof. Hubert Lim spoke at the University of Minnesota as part of their series of Audiology Talks. Learn about tinnitus, treatment theory and the application of neuroplasticity in developing Lenire.

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