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          Ótologie Telemedicine Service

          Patients resident in Europe can access Lenire through Ótologie’s tinnitus telemedicine service, run from our clinic in Dublin, Ireland. This means that you can book an online tinnitus assessment with a member of Ótologie’s clinical audiology team from the comfort of your own home.

          During the secure video call, our audiologists will find out more about the nature and severity of your tinnitus and can formulate a treatment plan that will be appropriate for you which may include prescribing the Lenire tinnitus treatment device or other treatment options such as tinnitus therapy or hearing aids.

          Is Lenire available in the United States

          Lenire has been granted De Novo FDA Approval and will be available from April 2023. Sign up for the waiting list using the form below and a tinnitus clinic near you will be in touch soon.

          Healthcare Professionals

          If you are a healthcare professional involved or interested in treating tinnitus and would like to learn more about how to incorporate Lenire into your practice, visit our dedicated healthcare professionals page.

          Information for healthcare professionals