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FDA Approved Tinnitus Technology

Lenire is a groundbreaking at-home tinnitus treatment device.

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What is Lenire

Lenire Tinnitus Technology

Lenire (Len-ear), which is Latin for ‘soothe’, is the only commercially available, clinically trialed, dual mode tinnitus treatment device approved by the US FDA.

  • Safety and effectiveness trialed with 600+ patients. 4
  • Successfully trialed with real-world patients.
  • Technology with over 136 worldwide patents.
  • More effective than sound for moderate or worse tinnitus. 3
  • At-home customized tinnitus treatment device.
  • Backed and guided by healthcare professionals.
  • Wireless headphones, Tonguetip and Controller included.

Benefits of Lenire

Effective, Safe and Calming

What is Lenire? Benefit 1
Convenient and Calming

Lenire is a compact device that can be used in any quiet space, making it easy easy to fit relaxing Lenire sessions into your lifestyle.

What is Lenire? Benefit 2
Outperforms Sound-Alone

Lenire’s dual mode approach is proven in a clinical trial to outperform sound-only therapy for moderate or worse tinnitus. 3

What is Lenire? Benefit 3
Better Quality of Life

Tinnitus can cause sleep, social, mobility and focus issues. Lenire can set tinnitus to ‘do not disturb’ so you can live life your way.

How Does the Lenire Tinnitus Treatment Device Work?

Watch to learn how a custom combination of audio and tongue stimulation (dual mode) can soothe tinnitus.

What’s Included with Lenire?

At-Home Tinnitus Treatment Device

What is Lenire? Lenire Tonguetip
Lenire Tonguetip ™

The Lenire Tonguetip is designed to sit comfortably in the closed mouth and deliver mild pulses to the surface of the tongue.

Lenire Controller What is Lenire
Lenire Controller

The Lenire Controller is a portable handheld device you can use to adjust the timing, audio volume and tongue stimulation intensity during treatment.

Wireless Headphones

Lenire includes wireless headphones that are specifically paired to the controller to play calming music in tandem with tongue stimulation.

Relaxing Lenire Moments

Lenire soothes your tinnitus with two relaxing 30-minute sessions per day. A dual mode combination of beautiful soundscapes and tongue pulses customized to your hearing profile help your brain to stop focusing on tinnitus.

Lenire Moments

What is Dual Mode Stimulation?

Dual Mode is a form of bimodal neuromodulation. This is when two stimuli produce beneficial changes in the brain. Lenire combines audio through wireless headphones and mild pulses to the tongue to help you pay less attention to your tinnitus.

The Science of Lenire

Life Changing Patient Stories

Lenire Gave Patricia Relief After Five Years with Tinnitus

“After a month of using Lenire, I woke up one morning and tinnitus was gone!”

Patricia, Clinical Trial Participant

Tinnitus Success Stories

Lenire Lowered Niall’s Tinnitus from a 10 to a 3

“I don’t think anybody understands how tinnitus affects your life. Some days it can be very hard. It’s very hard to relax. It’s very hard to enjoy life sometimes.”

Niall, Clinical Trial Participant

Tinnitus Success Stories

Lenire Gave Hugh Control Over His Tinnitus

“After six weeks, I noticed improvement. After another six weeks, I noticed even more improvement. It has changed my mindset.”

Hugh, Clinical Trial Participant

Tinnitus Success Stories

Lenire Helped Dorothy Unwind to Sleep

“Lenire was very easy to use. When I saw it first I was a bit wary but then when I used it, it was very simple.”

Dorothy, Clinical Trial Participant

Tinnitus Success Stories

Lenire Three Step Plan

At-Home Relief from Tinnitus

Lenire Tinnitus Assessment
Initial Tinnitus Assessment

Visit a Lenire Provider for an initial tinnitus assessment, hearing test and device fitting. Every Lenire device is customized to your tinnitus and hearing profile by trained professionals.

Lenire at Home
At-Home Lenire Moments

Use Lenire at home for two, calming 30-minute sessions per day. Attend mid-treatment check-ins with your provider to review progress and make adjustments.

Lenire Treatment Review
Review and Continued Use

Visit your Lenire Provider to review progress and get advice on continued use if needed or desired. Many enjoy their Lenire moments and continue to use the device post-treatment.

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Lenire has expert Partner Clinics across America, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Use the Lenire Clinic Map to start your treatment with Lenire.

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Note 1: All statistics based on compliant patients. Patient compliance criteria is detailed in Lenire’s clinical trial design.
Note 2: TENT-A1/TENT-A2 were not considered by the United States of America FDA as part of Lenire’s FDA Grant and, as such, applies solely to outside the US.