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Lenire is a medical device which has been proven to drive long-term changes in the brain to reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Woman using Lenire

Lenire is proud to be the first corporate sponsor of the Outring Tinnitus Podcast.

Hosted by Frieder Kühne, Outring raises tinnitus awareness and discusses therapy options based on Kühne’s personal experience. Lenire and Outring Tinnitus’s partnership helps further our shared mission of amplifying awareness of tinnitus and science-based treatments.

How does Lenire relieve tinnitus symptoms?

Lenire uses a process known as bimodal neuromodulation, which means that it stimulates two nerves at the same time (the tongue and the ear). 

1. The Lenire device delivers mild electrical pulses to a person’s tongue, combined with sound played through its headphones, to drive long-term changes in the brain to treat tinnitus.
2. This combined stimulation of the nerves in the tongue and ears retrains the brain by increasing its sensitivity to many different sounds
3. This in turn reduces its sensitivity to the sound of the tinnitus, making it less bothersome and ultimately improving the person’s quality of life.

The Lenire device

The device consists of three components

lenire controller
The Lenire Controller

A lightweight handheld device that controls the timing and intensity of the treatment. You can start, pause and resume the treatment session, adjust the volume of the sound, and adjust the level of the tongue stimulation.

lenire tonguetip

This is a proprietary intra-oral device, ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the closed mouth. Tiny electrodes on the Tonguetip deliver mild and safe energy pulses to the surface of the tip of the tongue.


Lenire must be used with the set of wireless, Bluetooth headphones, which are provided as part of the package. The headphones are paired to the controller and deliver customised sounds to activate the auditory nerve to the brain.

What is the evidence behind Lenire?

91% of trial participants who used Lenire as directed reported a reduction in their symptoms that was sustained for 12 months after treatment ended.

A recent clinical trial showed that 95% of participants who used Lenire as directed demonstrated an improvement in tinnitus symptom severity (as measured by THI score) when evaluated after 12 weeks of treatment.

91% of compliant participants reported a reduction that was sustained for 12 months after treatment ended. This is significant for people searching for long-term relief from tinnitus.

Clinical trial results: Average reduction in Tinnitus Handicap Inventory score from TENT-A2

Proud sponsors of the Outring Tinnitus Podcast

Tinnitus coach Kühne was born deaf in one ear and has had tinnitus in his other ear for 13+ years. The Outring and founder struggled with tinnitus early-on, not just with affliction, but also with the lack of awareness and tinnitus relief information.

Although tinnitus affects 300 million people worldwide, the common condition is often dismissed. Kühne believes in promoting science-based solutions, which is why Lenire is the perfect fit as their first corporate sponsor.

“I believe that Lenire shares very similar values and a vision of hope and positive progress for people with tinnitus. With Lenire as an important sponsor for the podcast, a powerful alliance for spreading awareness around evidence-based tinnitus treatments was created,” said Kühne.

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Your treatment with Lenire begins with an audiological and tinnitus assessment by a qualified healthcare professional. Our partners are trained to prescribe a treatment plan with Lenire specifically for your tinnitus. Find a Lenire partner clinic to take the first step towards managing your tinnitus.

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