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Tinnitus Patient Stories

Lenire Helped Karen Reconnect with Grandkids

“My tinnitus now is at a level that I take no notice of it, I just don't hear it. Lenire has been a lifesaver!”

  • NameKaren
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusEar Infection
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

“Sometimes I just put on the device - this is a Lenire moment. I'll use it and get comfort from it.”

  • NameÓrla
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusSide effect of transient global amnesia
  • Duration using LenireStill uses it today

Lenire Helped Erlandas Return to Music

“When tinnitus was really bad, I started questioning my music industry job and going to events. Now, I am able to book tickets again.”

  • NameErlandas
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusNoise Exposure
  • Duration using Lenire Still uses it today

Lenire Helped Ronnie Regain Calmness

“Since I started Lenire, I'm far more calm and relaxed. My focus on the sound isn't there as much.”

  • NameRonnie
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusPlaying in a Band
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

Lenire Lowered Niall's Tinnitus from a 10 to a 3

“I don't think anybody understands how tinnitus affects your life. Some days it can be very hard. It’s very hard to relax. It’s very hard to enjoy life sometimes.”

  • NameNiall
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

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Your treatment with Lenire begins with a tinnitus assessment by a qualified healthcare professional. Our partners are trained to design a Lenire treatment plan specifically for your tinnitus. Find a Lenire partner clinic to take the first step towards managing your tinnitus.

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