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Tinnitus Week 2023 Proudly Sponsored by Lenire

Tinnitus Week 2023

Lenire Proudly Sponsors Tinnitus Week 2023

Lenire is proud to announce our sponsorship of Tinnitus UK’s Tinnitus Awareness Week 2023. Neuromod and Lenire have been longtime supporters of Tinnitus UK’s Tinnitus Awareness Week and it is our pleasure to continue for the fifth consecutive year.

“Lenire’s mission is to raise awareness of, and develop treatments for tinnitus. Tinnitus UK’s work puts tinnitus at the forefront of public discussion and we are proud to help them further amplify this awareness.” said Neuromod Global Head of Marketing, Neil Doyle.

Tinnitus UK is the only tinnitus-centric charity in the UK and is a valuable resource for people living with tinnitus. Lenire shares their mission of raising awareness and access to treatments for what can be a debilitating affliction.

Tinnitus UK offers a support chat and telephone service. As well as this, Tinnitus UK also offers a range of resources that will help you manage tinnitus.

“As we receive no direct Government funding, campaigns like Tinnitus Week could not happen without the help of our sponsors and supporters. Neuromod have been generous sponsors of Tinnitus UK for a number of years now, and we are extremely grateful for their backing.” said a Tinnitus UK Spokesperson.

What is Tinnitus Awareness Week 2023?

Tinnitus UK’s Tinnitus Awareness Week is a series of events and media campaigns that begins the first full week of February annually. Tinnitus Awareness Week has two key goals: 

  • 1: Raising awareness of tinnitus, the debilitating impact on patients and treatments. 
  • 2: Improving the patient journey and accessibility of treatments for tinnitus sufferers.

In addition to broader goals, Tinnitus Awareness Week has been instrumental in starting a dialogue with government bodies around tinnitus research funding. 

Tinnitus impacts 10 – 15% of the population but remains a relatively silent affliction. In fact, according to Tinnitus UK, thousands of underserved people contact them seeking support for tinnitus every year. Tinnitus Awareness Week lets them know that they are not alone.

When is Tinnitus Awareness Week 2023?

Tinnitus Awareness Week happens on the first full week of February every year. Tinnitus Awareness Week 2023 takes place from Monday, February 6 – Sunday, February 12.

Follow Tinnitus UK on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on planned conferences, webinars and events. You can also find handy resources that will help you plan tinnitus awareness activities in your area on Tinnitus UK’s Website.

Tinnitus UK urges all who take part in Tinnitus Awareness Week to pen a letter to their elected representatives to further boost the swell of tinnitus publicity.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound when there is no external stimulus. Simply put, even if it is whisper quiet, a person may still perceive sound. This is commonly constant ringing in the ears but can be humming, hissing, and thumping.

Tinnitus is a neurological condition. It can occur in a number of ways that range from hearing loss to ear wax to sudden hearing system damage. As a result, developing treating tinnitus is quite subjective.

As mentioned above, 10% – 15% of the global population suffers with tinnitus. That means that in Ireland and the UK, there are nearly 12 million people living with tinnitus. 

Many people experience short term tinnitus. This could be after a concert or a loud event. However, many more live with tinnitus long term and it impacts their life significantly.

There is currently no cure for tinnitus. However, there are a number of treatments that can soothe the symptoms of tinnitus including clinically proven treatment device, Lenire.

What is Lenire?

Lenire Tinnitus Week 2023

Lenire, by Neuromod Devices, is a breakthrough tinnitus treatment device that has been clinically proven to offer long-term relief from tinnitus. Lenire pairs custom audio with mild pulses on the surface of the tongue to promote long term tinnitus changes in the brain.

91% of patients who used Lenire as instructed reported a significant reduction in tinnitus symptoms. This improvement lasted for at least 12 months following treatment.

  • Read: Highlights from Lenire’s most recent large clinical trial – TENT-A2.

Treatment with Lenire is guided by expert audiologists. After an initial assessment and fitting, your audiologist will determine if Lenire is right for you and how you should use it. 

During treatment, patients get two crucial check-ins as well as guidance should anything unexpected occur. Patients own Lenire (with a three year warranty) and can continue to use the device after initial treatment.

Find a Clinic near you to start treating your tinnitus. Do not worry if Lenire does not suit you, hearing experts can recommend alternative treatments.

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