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Christy Reynolds: Meet the Neuromod Team

Christy Reynolds

Meet the Team: Christy Reynolds

Welcome to the first instalment of the Neuromod: Meet the Team Series. In this series, we’ll sit down with a member of the Neuromod Team and take a deep dive into their career, their values and how they see the culture at Neuromod Devices.This week, we chatted with Clinical Support Specialist, Christy Reynolds.

Christy has a wealth of experience working directly with patients as a Senior Clinical Audiologist for Òtologie. We are delighted to have her in depth knowledge on the Clinical Support Team.

Let’s start with Christy’s professional background.

Tell Us About Your Professional Background

I graduated from the University of Pretoria. After this, I worked for both the public and private sector in South Africa before moving to Ireland in 2016. When I settled into life in Ireland, I joined the private sector. 

I worked for diagnostic audiology practices working with both adult and paediatric patients. This role included hearing tests and hearing aids as well as vestibular and electrophysiological testing. I joined Neuromod in Dec 2019.

How Did You Choose a Career in Audiology?

Honestly, it was a bit of a process of elimination. I had no interest in any of the more “mainstream” career choices! 

I wanted a job that helped improve people’s quality of life that wasn’t purely therapy-based. Audiology combines helping people with technology and equipment. I just fell in love with the profession the minute I realised it existed.

Why Work at Neuromod?

It’s amazing to be able to offer a ground-breaking treatment. Particularly with tinnitus where the population that has had limited treatment options historically. 

It has also been an exciting challenge to be part of contributing to building up a new company.

What Values Drive You?

My main two would probably be excellence and empathy

I strive to provide the best level of work I possibly can, whether in seeing patients or training clinicians, while making sure that I am in some way improving someone else’s life.

Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know About You

I come from a family of musicians and can play the bass guitar. 

My nuclear family (mom, dad, and brother) all play different instruments and could form our own little family band – if we lived on the same continent!

If You Could Swap Roles With Anyone, Who Would it Be?

I think being more involved in the clinical trials would be so interesting, so maybe Global Director of Audiology, Caroline Hamilton. 

Everything we do clinically is based on evidence from the clinical trials so to be involved in something so fundamental would be fascinating.

What is Your Proudest Moment Working at Neuromod?

There may not be one specific moment, but I have always felt extreme pride every time a patient commented on or complimented the level of service that they were provided. 

I may not be able to control whether a patient benefits from treatment or not, but I can control the way I treat patients; i.e. with empathy and respect.

Final Notes

I am really excited about the challenge of this new Clinic Support Specialist role. 

Moving out of seeing patients in the clinic and into a more supporting / training role is an adjustment, but an exciting and so far fun adjustment!

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