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Erlandas’ Lenire Story

“I thought, this was it. This is how I was going to live for the rest of my life with this tinnitus”.

Erlandas was despondent when he first experienced the onset of tinnitus. He first noticed it coming up to Christmas and hoped that over the festive break, it would go away.

Unfortunately, it didn’t and the ringing in his ear got so bad he admits it felt “painful”. This bothered him so much that he decided he was going to seek a treatment for it.

Erlandas leads a busy life, working in internet banking by day and helping organise music events in Dublin city at night. No doubt it was these loud environments, with constant exposure to loud sounds, that brought on the tinnitus.

He found out about Lenire on social media and, being interested in technology, he liked the look of the device and the science behind it. He had also read up on other tinnitus treatments and liked how Lenire was non-invasive and appeared easy to use.

Almost immediately after commencing treatment with Lenire, he experienced a real benefit. He enjoyed the melodic tones of the treatment and his time using the device became his own form of meditation.

Before his Lenire treatment plan, Erlandas rated the severity of his tinnitus at a seven or eight out of 10 and now he says that the tinnitus is “barely there” but is a lot more manageable, rating it at one or two out of 10.

He would recommend Lenire to anyone working in music or the music industry if they suffer from tinnitus summarising, “It did help me… A lot!”

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