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Karen’s Lenire Story

“It was like a kettle boiling in my head constantly… Now I’m dancing to Boney M around the living room!”

When it comes to personalities, there are few bigger than that of Karen, who lives in Co. Mayo in Ireland. Born and raised in Manchester, UK, Karen swapped her birthplace for the rural life when she met her future husband while on holiday in Mayo.

Tinnitus reared its head for Karen at the end of 2018, after Karen suffered an ear infection. A ringing in her ear dominated her every thought over the Christmas period and her hopes, that it would eventually subside, did not materialise. In the new year, she was diagnosed with tinnitus and quickly learned of the lack of treatment options available to her.

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Learning to live with tinnitus was not ideal for Karen who described the ringing in her ear like ‘a kettle constantly boiling in my head’. She was worried it would get worse so she set about researching treatments, where she happened upon Lenire.

In the meantime, tinnitus had started to affect Karen’s life negatively and she became moody and snappy with people – with those who knew her best saying this was completely out of character. Normally a fun-loving, positive person, Karen found it difficult to look on the bright side of life.

She found herself retreating to her bedroom a lot, away from the sounds of her grandchildren and the bustle of a busy house. She also found speaking to people on the phone was almost impossible, such was the severity of her tinnitus. Karen now felt that enough was enough. She booked an appointment with Neuromod Medical and got the Lenire device.

Karen said: “I actually loved going to the clinic. They treated me with the greatest of kindness and respect and they are the loveliest people ever”.

It took a few weeks but Karen slowly began to realise that her tinnitus was getting less and less noticeable as the weeks passed of her treatment plan. Initially, she loved the one hour a day when she used the device and says it was “like a meditation for me”, as she enjoyed the peace and the soothing effect of the tones. When she completed the plan, she found that her tinnitus is barely noticeable most days and doesn’t bother her anymore. She said: “I just don’t hear it at all so for me, the Lenire device has been a lifesaver”.

Nowadays, she is back to her old bubbly self. She loves her busy life and loves minding her grandchildren, getting out and about with friends and neighbours for coffee, and dancing around the sitting room to music with her grandchildren!

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